How can we find empathy for the things around us? How can art function as a tool to generate a consciousness that makes us care and appreciate our environment? How can we make sense of our being and acting on this planet?

Those questions guide and follow me throughout my practice while I am looking at them from different speculative or material-based processes.

In my practice, I am influenced by different activities and methods that build my research and process outcomes. On the one hand, observation and study of natural phenomena are key for me to trigger a sense of wonder, which is the base for an ecological and ethical appreciation. By experimenting with various materials through different methods such as microscopy, assembling or photography and editing, I want to overcome the natural restriction of my human perception to explore multiple angles, perspectives and levels of materials and things (living and non-living) that I would otherwise not be able to recognise and appreciate.

At the same time, material exploration inspires me to create functional light objects that put the aesthetics of nature into a lived and experienced context. It is said that light is the giver of presence, and Material and matter are what make us live in this presence. This tension and co-relation are fascinating to me.  

MA in Design through New Materials
Elisava School for Design and Engineering Barcelona

BA Fine Arts
Chelsea College of Arts
University of the Arts London

City&Guilds Art School London