Fenna Kosfeld
Graduation Project BA Fine Art
June 2022

inner life of the sculpture below (microscopic video of ecosystem on birchbark, May 2022)

moment of the inner life of the sculpture (still microscopic image from the ecosystem in birchbark, May 2022)




The installation EIN-UM-AUS is a constellation of a sculpture (symbiosis of a streetlamp and a birch tree) and a source of ambient energy (solar structure). The compartments are located in the GREENhaus, a garden which is a communal garden project I have started with other students at Chelsea College of Arts.

The work’s intention is to explore multiple perspectives and parts, that are connected through invisible energy.
EIN-UM-AUS is German and has multiple meanings.

The literal translation can be either ON-AROUND-OFF (energy) or IN-AROUND-OUT (perspective). In both ways, it describes the ambient energy that surrounds/flows through us at all times, on all scales, that turns into visible energy. Its transformation to electrical light feeds the sculpture with life/light and enables us to look inside.

Depending on the sun the light is on, around, or off.

Depending on the light we look in, around or out.

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